Thursday, February 25, 2016


When will we be there?
The famous question when we were kids on a vacation.  Always in a hurry to get to where we were going.  It was always fun.  As we grew older it became more "I am tired of being in the care!" lol

When can we eat?
When we were hungry, or sometimes bored so we think that we are hungry and want to eat.  This is a common question when on vacation as well.  
When will I be loved?
A song popped into my head.  After the break up with my high school boyfriend of 4 years, I didn't think I would ever be loved again. I have been looking for that my entire life at the age of 19.  Didn't think it would ever get here.  

I GOT IT!!!!! I know when I will be LOVED...........
When I have children.  I know that even with my struggles that I had with my mom, I still loved her.  I had to. She was my mom.  So when I have kids I will always have someone to love me and I will have someone to always love.

As years have gone by, they are now adults and I have not always felt love from them.  In fact I thought for sure they didn't love me.  How can you love someone and treat them the way that some people do?  Most important is, I know that they do love me.

When will I be Happy?         
When will they believe me?              
When will I be trusted?

All good WHEN's.

When will I surround myself with good?

During 2015, I realized that I have always been surrounded by love.  God loves me whether I am happy, sad or feel unloved.

I have always looked for Love in the wrong places.

WHEN will I be loved, happy, wanted?


When I was created, I was loved. When I finally let it all go I realized that I have always been loved.  It was never truly a matter of When I was loved.  It was a matter of When I realized I was loved.

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