Saturday, April 2, 2016

A - Anguish

It is March 31, 2016 it has been a very long day.  Trying to get taxes completed, not being able to use the computer in the manner I need to for that.  My boyfriend is having this uncontrolled belching.  Oh I so wish it would stop.

As the day went by it just continued to get worse.  I could not concentrate at all.  Finally I heard this peace......Wait .......why.....??????

He comes out of the bathroom just as red as can be.  I asked him what happened.  He was having terrible pains in his chest.  I quickly went to the computer to check out "Heart Attack or Stroke"  nope not that.  So off to the hospital we go.  I could clearly see that he was in anguish.  I was feeling it for him.

After seeing the doctor leaving and arriving home at 2:25 a.m. It just seemed to get worse.  The news of him having a polyp in his gallbladder, and going to have to do a stress test did not make matters any better for him.

It was just a little after 4 in the morning and nothing better.  So he called the doctor and he wanted him to come back in because now we had blood.  He arrived at the hospital at 5:15 now with an I.V. in his arm waiting for a room.

I am truly having a lot of anguish.  I have recently turned my life over to the Lord so I ask the Lord to help guide the doctors, him and me.  I didn't want to feel like this, I did not want for my boyfriend to feel it either.  How can you not when the doctors are talking about a "bleeding ulcer"

Finally at 3:45 this afternoon they got him into a room.  He hunger, and getting crabby as he has not had any sleep.  They got him in for an Upper G.I.  stomach is all tore up.  The doctors are not sure really why, and they don't believe that all his symptoms are related to this either.

We will go in next week to see a specialist regarding his gallbladder.

I could feel my anguish diminish.   I just remembered all day that the Lord had this, doesn't mean I did not still feel the anguish I was just able to focus my energy on believing that God would take care of it.
I will be glad and rejoice in your unfailing love, for you have seen my troubles, and you care about the anguish of my soul.   Psalm 31:7
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