Monday, April 11, 2016

'D' A to Z Challenge Day 4

 Hello,  I am excited that you are here.  If you are just joining my blog and this page being your first stop please continue to read, if you would like a little more history please click here and read "Captive"  

      Originally this "D" was to continue on with my life story.  It will just not in the same manner that it was originally.  See since January I have struggled with major computer issues.  Coming to find out that I had a hacker.  Well long story short, this hacker has complicated my life tremendously.  To the point that all last week Taxes kept me "Captive"  WOW!!!!

With that all being said here is my      "D"...........

I am.........
                   Clara, Harlod, Dee, Ward's        GrandDaughter
                   Clifford & Carolyne's                 Daughter
                   Robert, Penny & Mikeal's          Sister
                        (yes I am the oldest)
                   Benjamin & Zhan's                    Mother
                   Addison & Evelyn's                   Grandmother

     That is the way I have lived my life.  Always being know as a title.  Now I love having the titles.  I would have to say the best to date is 'Gama'... That was how Addison pronounced Grandma for a long while.  I love it......

    Recently, after a long long line of not knowing much of anything I came to realize that in all honesty the best time I have is that 
  I am the DAUGHTER of the KING!!!!
     I never felt that I deserved to be called his Daughter.  I held myself to to many faults that I never realized he had forgiven.

   Finally now that my taxes are done  YA YA!!!!  I came to type in my blog post for A to Z.  Oh Yes I know that tomorrow starts 'J;.

  What I had wrote down is not what I am typing.  In fact, I am typing as it is coming to me.  I wish this was the case always.  Writing would be so easy.   I am so super excited that I am his Daughter, more excited because God gave me amazing wonderful sisters.  They are God's Daughter's too.  

I created this little poster to show how amazing my sisters are and a reminder that They are his Daughter's too.  Now, you may not see everyone's face on this poster I want you to know you were not forgotten.  I love you all, being behind put me to a limit. 

  I truly do not want to hit you all up at once with what I am behind.  So my goal after this post will be to 'E, F, G, H, I, J'  I and I will try and do E & F or J.  It will get confusing.

Thank you all for stopping and being patient with me.  I a excited to be blogging.  I am new and have been doing this for a Month.

I love everyone of you and everyone of you that are not on here as well.

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