Friday, May 20, 2016


Hello everyone,  My good friend Diana Rockwell writes on Five Minute Friday.  I am new to blogging as of February 2016.  I don't know what to really Expect just hoping that I will be able to get a better hang of all this.

I am a Christian, was baptized November 3, 2015 something that I did not expect as I had been baptized in February 2013 when I originally gave my life to the Lord.  I am in Love with the Lord and am eager to continue on my journey.  I know that I expect that i will have days that I may fall a little short, I know that I am human.

I have no expectations as to what may come of this blogging, I just know that it is where the Lord is calling me at this time along with going back to school.  I don't know what he expects to happen with that as I am scared to attend school.

See I was not that good at school.  I only expected to graduate way back when........ Oh ok,  I graduated in 1986.  I am 48 years young, I have two grown boys.  Benjamin, 28, Zhan, 25.  Benjamin is married to my wonderful daughter-in-law Ashley and they have blessed me with 2 amazing granddaughters,  Addison Grace (3) Evelyn Rose (4 months).

So I am glad that I did not have to much to expect as to what I could type in 5 minutes.  I just looked it up as I had received it in my email and decided this was the Friday I was going to start.  I sure do hope that it links.  I am not real comfortable at that yet either.

God Bless All of you.

Joining you all at Five-Minute-Friday

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