Friday, June 3, 2016


I have been so blessed.  I absolutely love how the Lord is using my life for his glory. Taken all my brokenness and making me new.

I have always believed that I would live to be 113.  Ya I know that's a long time.  On 11-2-2015 (12 added together) while during my complete surrender unto the Lord going to Israel being completely obedient (my dad passed away 3 days before) he removed my heart of stone. Later that day he presented the Angels.  On 11-3-2015 (13), I was than baptized in the Jordan River where he filled me with a new flesh.

I did live a life of brokenness, negativity, and felt unworthy of his love and forgiveness.  After returning home the pieces keep coming together.  There is already the 12 Disiples (11-2-2015). His calling is #ComeWithMe and be my 13th (11-3-2015) Disciple.  On that day my past life was put behind and I lived to be 11-3.  I am so beyond excited to live my life as the 13th Disciple.

Thank you Jesus for choosing to love and die for me.  If not for all your love I would not be able to make my choice..... YES, I will come with you.

Suzie Eller, what an amazing book.  You truly are an inspiration !!

Come With Me

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