Hello! My name is Christy. Welcome to my blog. I am so glad that you are here!

I am 48 years old. You name it, I've been through it.

I have two amazing boys that I love with all of my heart! They can make me crazy at times though, as expected.

I have a beautiful daughter-in-law that I love as if she were my own. She has blessed me with two amazing granddaughters, Addison Grace & Evelyn Rose. They bring a twinkle to my eye and a smile on my face.

In all of my life, I felt that my children would always be there for me. I never thought that I could be hurt by them. I've battled depression, but I will never give up.

I consider myself a Survivor. I have lived through sexual, physical and mental abuse. I grew up in a home that believed in the Lord; however, I had my fair share of struggles. I have always had my own personal relationship with the Lord, and He speaks to me often.

I have a huge heart and am always willing to care and give, even to strangers. I searched my name once and it says, "Your compassionate nature causes you to be so generous, you often give more than you can afford to." It is also short for the Greek names "Christos" meaning "anointed one" and "Christina" meaning "follower of Christ"

I created this blog so that I can share how wonderful and faithful the Lord is.  No matter how broken you may feel, or how unworthy you may think you are, you are NOT. God loves you and He always will. He made me new, and He will do the same for you. No matter how many times I may cry due to someone hurting my feelings, I am completely happy.  I have complete joy within me. No one can take that away. I want to share these truths with everyone that I can.

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  1. I am blessed to call you my friend! I love you, my beautiful sister! ❤

  2. Rachelle, I love the journey we are sharing together. God has blessed us beyond words.
    Love you